Show Off Strengths

Few easy steps

Send us following informaton at

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location (State and Country)
  • Disability
  • Parent Name (if parent is sending child's work)
  • Brief Description of Work/Accomplishment/Skill/Talent
  • Title
  • Attach either one image file (for example - any JPEG file) or one creative video link (for example - YouTube video link)
  • Email Address (for our reference – will not be published on the website)
  • Comment – Related to Work/Accomplishment/Skill/Talent (optional)


  • All work submitted to Uplifting Voices needs to be orginal work
  • By submitting above details, you provide permission to Uplifting Voices to use your name, image and attached media
  • Uplifting Voices has right to modify the provided multimedia files in order to make it viewable.

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