How can I or my family or my students with disabilities benefit from Uplifting Voices?

    You and your child/student can benefit from this community by
  • reading the Instant Inspiration book and checking out wonderful stories of creative role models with disabilities breaking down barriers
  • reading life-enriching stories featuring personalities who overcame barriers put up by disabilities
  • motivational stories of Motivational Role Models
  • discovering your own child’s/student’s interests/hobbies/accomplishments/talent/skills/creativity while exploring the showcase section.

How can I share my life enriching story in this community?

Every life enriching experience and ideas are welcome in this community. Please email us at contact@UpliftingVoices.org with your brief introduction and website/social media information.

How can I share my interests/hobbies/accomplishments/talent/skills/creativity with this community?

Every talent/interests/accomplishments/hobbies are welcome in this site. Please use the Show off Strengths section.

A must-have book for families of children with disabilities.

Raise a creative confident child. Wonderful stories of creative role models with disabilities breaking down barriers. Check out this book "Instant Inspiration".

Instant Inspiration Book